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The Voda Curated Experience

"We take the guesswork out of self care"

A Voda Curated Experience provides you with exactly what you need to create moments of self-care, connection and relaxation in any space. Voda take the guesswork out of pampering yourself and your relationships with those most important to you by creating complete experience from start to finish and delivering them directly to you!

Are you:

Easily agitated?


Creating poor habits?

Emotionally Exhausted?

Getting a poor quality of sleep?

Feeling like you and your life is not living up to its potential?

Are you feeling overworked?

Feeling an overwhelming desire to pamper yourself or your loved ones?

If you feel like any of these statements resonate with you then it might just be time start your self - care journey with Voda Retreats today.​

How it works:

Create a relaxing at home retreat or upgrade your next overnight stay, celebrate a special occasion or connect with someone special ( or connect with yourself! ) Create moments of joy and connection for your next night in or out with a Voda curated Experiences

Simply browse our selection of boxes and choose the perfect experience for you.

Add to cart and its on the way. We have free local delivery within HRM and can easily ship within Canada.

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