Our Mission

"Self-care is how you take your power back" - LalahDelia


Voda wants to help you reach your ideal state of physical and emotional health—your “best self”— by teaching you what it could look and feel like. To show you it's not selfish to take time for you, to show you how to turn even everyday tasks into a self care routine.

Voda aims to help its clients thrive not just survive the ever growing stresses of life today.

To think about your overall health and how all aspects of your life work together in the bigger picture of wellness.

  • Provide education and ideas as to how and add selfcare into your day.
  • Give options that are 5 min to 30 min to an hour to a day long
  • How to deal with stress and anxiety naturally.

Experience a whole new level of serenity and spend your day feeling relaxed and rejuvenated on your next staycation with a Voda at Home Retreat.

Voda Retreat is designed to enhance your vacation experience whatever it may be ( this is a big part of our mission to bring a new experience to travel)


Local: we support Local and want to drive our consumers to local business as well

Woman Run Business : We support business run by strong independent woman and what to highlight all the amazing talent this province has to offer

POC run business : Expand people's minds and highlight what amazing things have been brought into the province from around the world.

Organic and or Natural products will be highlighted whenever possible. We want to teach our consumers what to look for and how to make better choices, question what goes into their products without having to become a fanatic.

Environmentally responsible : we look at businesses that are B rated and take the environment seriously thinking about their packaging and manufacturing practices. Again asking people to be conscious about the companies they buy from without having to spend all of their time looking at labels. How can we make it easier for them.

Selfcare : Voda believes that self care in all its form is one of the best medicines to deal with everything that is thrown at us in this ever changing landscape of stress.

These are the values we want to highlight we will try our best to work with businesses that encapsulate more than one value on this list

The Voda Experience

  • Exclusive wellness content
  • Tips and tricks
  • Motivation in the form of realistic goals and challenges

Choose your own wellness path with online lessons inspired by the tastes of Nova Scotia in cooking, yoga and more.
Products and instructions

Challenges and motivation inspiration

Lessons and instructional videos, articles and treatment recipes for at home use.

Focus on things that you have available or are provided in the box so you don't have to go out and buy a bunch more things.