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ReviTEAlize Herbal Tea

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re write this to sell more on my website: Do you enjoy spending blissful summer nights by an open fire connecting with friends and loved ones? Do your holiday plans include the ultimate glamping staycation? Then this double walled vacuum insulated whiskey Tumbler is the perfect gift for you or your favourite Whiskey/Tumbler enthusiast. With additional copper coating layer to achieve the best insulation performance it keeps your ice cube or sphere melting slow to maintain the best taste for your whiskey, no-sweat. Ideal for friends/loved ones that enjoy Manhattans, whisky, scotch, bourbon, rye, cocktail or is a mixology enthusiast. Also great to keeping your coffee, tea or hot toddy warm!


Experience the sheer delight of balmy summer evenings gathered around a crackling open fire, creating timeless memories with cherished friends and beloved family. Are you in pursuit of the quintessential glamping staycation, a getaway that defines luxury and comfort?

Elevate your moments with our exquisite double-walled vacuum-insulated whiskey tumbler – an impeccable choice whether for yourself or a revered connoisseur of the finer things in life. Crafted with an additional layer of copper coating, this tumbler sets a new standard for insulation prowess. Revel in the art of sipping as your ice cubes or spheres leisurely dissolve, meticulously preserving the exquisite flavor profile of your whiskey, all without a hint of condensation.

Tailored for aficionados of Manhattans, whisky, scotch, bourbon, rye, cocktails, and those captivated by the world of mixology, this tumbler stands as an exceptional gift. Moreover, it effortlessly embraces the role of a guardian for your cherished coffee, tea, or soothing hot toddy, ensuring their warmth remains constant.

Elevate your indulgence, define your style, and seize the art of relishing every sip – all with our copper-enhanced, vacuum-insulated whiskey tumbler. An embodiment of refined taste and unwavering quality, designed for those who appreciate life's finer moments.

This unique and beautiful bamboo wine appetizer plate will take center stage at any gathering or special occasion. It holds your glass and appetizer in one convenient unit. Perfect gift for your friends and family. Wipe with warm soapy water, then let air dry. Made from 100% sustainable bamboo, our plates are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic or paper plates. Bamboo is a fast-growing and renewable resource, making it a great choice for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The unique design of our plates features deep wells to securely hold your wine glasses, ensuring that you and your guests can enjoy your drinks without any spills. The raised edges of the plate are perfect for holding your favorite appetizers, such as cheese, crackers, and fruit. These plates are not only environmentally friendly but also durable and long-lasting. They're dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze, and they're reusable, so you can enjoy them time and time again. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or simply looking for a convenient and stylish way to serve up your favorite drinks and snacks, our bamboo wine appetizer plates are the perfect solution. Order yours today and start enjoying the benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle!


Elevate any gathering or special moment with the captivating allure of our distinctive bamboo wine appetizer plate. This ingenious creation effortlessly combines the elegance of a glass holder with the functionality of an appetizer platter, becoming the centerpiece of attention.

An impeccable gift choice for both cherished friends and beloved family members, this plate boasts a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality. Its maintenance is a breeze – a simple wipe with warm, soapy water followed by a leisurely air drying is all it takes to restore its pristine charm.

Meticulously crafted from 100% sustainable bamboo, our plates stand as a testament to responsible living. Offering a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic or paper plates, bamboo emerges as a rapidly renewing resource, championing your commitment to a greener world.

The ingenious plate design showcases deep wells tailored to securely cradle your wine glasses, guaranteeing spill-free indulgence for you and your esteemed guests. Complementing this ingenious structure, the raised edges gracefully accommodate your preferred appetizers – from delectable cheeses to crisp crackers and luscious fruits.

Beyond their eco-friendly essence, these plates are the epitome of durability and longevity. Dishwasher-safe, they transform cleanup into a hassle-free endeavor, and their reusability ensures a lasting companionship through countless occasions.

Be it a lavish dinner soirée or a casual get-together, our bamboo wine appetizer plates seamlessly harmonize convenience and style, delivering an unforgettable serving experience. Make the conscious choice to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle – order your set today and embark on a journey of sustainable indulgence!

Reminiscent of mojitos and tropical seaside vacations, allow the sweet smell of blackberry, citrus and mint to invoke all your happy memories as you refresh your skin morning or night. The sweet and intoxicating scent of blackberry and citrus fruit mixed with the invigorating scent of muddled mint will wake up your senses and transport you to your happy place.


Indulge in a sensory escape that transports you to the serene shores of tropical getaways and the refreshing allure of mojitos. Immerse yourself in the delightful essence of blackberry, citrus, and mint, a symphony that summons cherished memories with every application – be it the start of a new day or the calm of night.

Embark on a fragrant journey that intertwines the tangy allure of blackberries and citrus with the invigorating embrace of freshly muddled mint. This aromatic fusion awakens your senses, invigorating your mind and soul, as if capturing the essence of your most joyful moments.

Let the lush fragrance linger on your skin, a gentle reminder of carefree beach days and the pleasure of sipping a favorite cocktail under the sun. With each use, our concoction of scents becomes an elixir, evoking the essence of happiness and relaxation.

Elevate your skincare routine to a realm of sensorial delight. Embrace the captivating fusion of blackberry, citrus, and mint, as it crafts an olfactory symphony that dances between nostalgia and rejuvenation. Awaken your spirit, refresh your mind, and evoke your happiest memories with each soothing application.

Elevate your shower experience with the Epic Shower Kit. Our kit is designed to bring luxury and self-care into your daily routine, offering a holistic approach to rejuvenation. Our premium bath products and wellness guides help you incorporate simple, yet effective self-care habits, such as alternating hot and cold showers and dry brushing, to harness the healing power of water. Immerse yourself in the revitalizing properties of the Blackberry Mojito Shower Steamer, which nourishes your respiratory system, and soothe your skin with our Duckish Solid Lotion, a luxurious everyday moisturizer. Start each day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with the Epic Shower Kit, and let the healing powers of water transform your daily routine.


Elevate your daily shower into an indulgent ritual with the exquisite Epic Shower Kit. Crafted to infuse opulence and self-care seamlessly into your routine, this kit is your gateway to a comprehensive rejuvenation experience.

Encompassing a collection of premium bath essentials and thoughtful wellness guides, our kit empowers you to embrace the art of self-care effortlessly. It unveils a world of transformative rituals, from the invigorating practice of alternating hot and cold showers to the revitalizing touch of dry brushing. These simple yet potent habits harness the remarkable healing potential of water, inviting you to embark on a holistic journey of well-being.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting aura of the Blackberry Mojito Shower Steamer, a sensory delight that extends its nourishing embrace to your respiratory system. Let the invigorating essence of blackberry and mint rejuvenate your senses, rendering each shower a moment of therapeutic splendor.

Experience the tender caress of our Duckish Solid Lotion, a lavish moisturizer that envelops your skin in luxury with every use. Infused with restorative qualities, it becomes your daily accomplice in maintaining irresistibly soft and supple skin.

Awaken each morning to a sense of renewal, as the Epic Shower Kit ushers you into a realm where water's curative energy becomes a transformative force. Elevate your routine, welcome the day with refreshed vitality, and allow the restorative magic of water to redefine your self-care journey.

6oz wooden wick tins made with 100% soy wax. Hand poured in Nova Scotia. Beautifully smelling fragrance candle with hints of cofee, chocolate and bergamot.


Introducing our exquisite 6oz wooden wick tins, meticulously crafted using 100% soy wax and born from the hands of artisans in the heart of Nova Scotia.

Experience the captivating allure of our candles, each a masterpiece in fragrance and design. Enveloped in a symphony of scents, our candles evoke the enchanting notes of coffee, chocolate, and bergamot, transforming any space into a haven of sensory delight.

Indulge in the art of fine fragrance, as the warm flicker of the wooden wick and the delicate dance of the flame create a mesmerizing ambiance. With a nod to nature's purity, our soy wax candles offer a cleaner, eco-conscious choice, all while emanating an aroma that fills the air with a blend of comfort and sophistication.

Each candle is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship, ensuring that your moments of relaxation and reflection are adorned with the finest aromas. Elevate your surroundings with the harmonious blend of coffee's warmth, chocolate's indulgence, and bergamot's zest – an olfactory journey that transports you to a world of refined elegance.

Light up your space with the artistry of scent and the rustic charm of our wooden wick tins. Experience the magic of Nova Scotia's craftsmanship and the inviting embrace of fragrance that speaks to your soul.

Introducing the Go Comb - the ultimate travel companion for your hair! This credit card-sized comb is small and compact, making it perfect for on-the-go styling. Whether you're attending events, weddings or simply travelling, the Go Comb is the perfect addition to your grooming arsenal. Made from high-quality plastic, the Go Comb is durable and built to last. Its slim design means that it fits easily into any wallet or purse, so you can take it with you wherever you go. And with its credit card size, you won't have to worry about it taking up too much space in your luggage. The Go Comb is perfect for both men and women, and it's great for all hair types. Whether you have long, short, curly or straight hair, the fine teeth of the Go Comb will easily glide through your locks, leaving them looking neat and tangle-free. The Go Comb comes in a range of stylish designs and colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your personal style. And with its affordable price point, you can even pick up a few to keep in different locations - one in your car, one in your purse, and one in your gym bag.


Introducing your ideal hair companion on the move: the Go Comb – a compact marvel designed to travel with you wherever life takes you. This credit card-sized gem effortlessly combines style and practicality, making it the perfect grooming tool for your dynamic lifestyle.

Unveil the essence of convenience as you step into events, weddings, or traverse the globe. The Go Comb slips discreetly into your wallet or purse, always at your side, ready to enhance your grooming routine whenever the need arises.

Forged from premium plastic, the Go Comb stands as a testament to durability, built to accompany you on countless journeys ahead. Its sleek form ensures it nestles comfortably in your wallet or purse, effortlessly finding its place amidst your essentials. The credit card size guarantees it takes up minimal space, leaving room for the things that truly matter.

Tailored for both men and women, the Go Comb effortlessly caters to all hair types. From flowing locks to sleek bobs, from elegant curls to straight strands, its finely crafted teeth glide through effortlessly, leaving behind well-groomed, tangle-free tresses that speak of care and style.

Select from a spectrum of chic designs and colors, allowing you to align your comb with your personal flair. And with its wallet-friendly price, acquiring multiples becomes a practical luxury. Keep one within reach in your car, another in your purse, and yet another in your gym bag – a trifecta of grooming excellence awaiting your command.

Elevate your grooming journey with the Go Comb, an embodiment of style, functionality, and versatility. It's time to embrace convenience without compromising on elegance – let the Go Comb redefine your hair care on the go.

Discover the ultimate relaxation experience with Fika by Voda hand-poured candles. Our candles feature soft, gentle light that creates the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Whether you're looking to unwind in the bath or enjoy a luxurious massage, our candles provide the perfect touch. Our rich scents of Coffee, Whiskey and Cardamom will transport you to a place of tranquility and peace. Light a Fika candle and indulge in the ultimate self-care experience.


Welcome to the world of pure relaxation and serenity, curated through Fika by Voda hand-poured candles. Elevate your moments with the soft, soothing glow of our candles, designed to infuse every occasion with an enchanting ambiance.

Whether you seek solace in a tranquil bath or embrace the luxury of a rejuvenating massage, our candles are your gateway to an experience like no other. Embrace the subtle dance of gentle light as it caresses your surroundings, setting the stage for your cherished moments.

Engage your senses with our exquisite fragrances - a harmonious blend of Coffee, Whiskey, and Cardamom. Allow their rich, evocative notes to transport you to a realm of tranquility and inner peace. Each inhale becomes a journey, each exhale a release, as you immerse yourself in an aromatic sanctuary of your own creation.

Ignite the essence of self-care as you light a Fika candle, and let its delicate radiance illuminate not just the room, but also your spirit. It's time to embrace the ultimate relaxation experience, a symphony of light, scent, and inner tranquility, harmonized by Fika by Voda. Indulge in the sublime – it's your moment to unwind and rejuvenate.

LOVE + CONNECTION the Voda curated experience to empower you to love yourself, reconnect with a loved one, rekindle a flame or celebrate friendship.


Welcome to "LOVE + CONNECTION," the exquisite curation by Voda that holds the power to uplift, ignite, and celebrate. This immersive experience is designed to embolden your self-love, mend bonds with cherished companions, reignite the spark of passion, or commemorate the beauty of friendship.

With "LOVE + CONNECTION," we offer more than just a moment; we offer a transformative journey. Whether you're seeking to nurture your inner relationship or rediscover the magic within a special connection, our carefully crafted experience holds the key.

It's time to embrace the art of loving yourself, the joy of rekindling a flame, the warmth of friendship, and the tender threads that connect us all. Join us in celebrating these remarkable bonds with "LOVE + CONNECTION" – an embrace of emotion, a celebration of unity, and a testament to the beautiful intricacies of human connection.

Nasal Inhalers by Selv Ritual - the perfect on-the-go solution for experiencing the benefits of essential oils anytime, anywhere! With just a simple unscrew of the protective tube, you can indulge in the therapeutic scents of your favorite essential oils. To use, bring the inhaler to your nostril and inhale deeply. Once you're done, simply put the inhaler back in the protective tube and screw it tightly to lock in all the delightful smells. These Nasal Inhalers are small and portable, making them easy to carry around in your pocket or purse. So why wait? Take the first step towards a more relaxed and invigorated day by adding our Nasal Inhalers to your daily routine!


Discover the transformative power of essential oils wherever you go with Selv Ritual's Nasal Inhalers – your portable aromatherapy solution. Unlock the potential of aromatherapy at a moment's notice, allowing you to embrace the therapeutic benefits of essential oils regardless of your location.

With a simple twist, the protective tube reveals a world of invigorating scents. Experience the sensory delight as your chosen essential oil blend engulfs you, providing a moment of tranquility or revitalization whenever you desire.

Using our Nasal Inhalers is effortless. Position the inhaler near your nostril, inhale deeply, and let the aromatic wonders wash over you. Once you've experienced the soothing or energizing effects, secure the inhaler back into the protective tube, sealing in the fragrance for your next use.

Crafted with convenience in mind, these inhalers are compact and lightweight, fitting snugly into your pocket or purse. Wherever life takes you, Selv Ritual's Nasal Inhalers ensure that you carry the essence of well-being along on your journey.

Don't wait to embrace a day infused with relaxation and vigor. Elevate your routine and harness the rejuvenating power of aromatherapy with Selv Ritual's Nasal Inhalers – a simple yet impactful addition to your daily ritual.

Soothing & Long Lasting Lip Therapy. This ultra rich certified organic lip conditioner is formulated to keep lips hydrated and looking their best! This creamy blend of shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil nourishes lips for perfect everyday beauty. Made with beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter and other lip soothing oils. Will not melt in your pocket! Packaged in an innovative compostable eco-tube 0.21 oz. USDA certified organic. Plastic Free & Zero Waste! We Give Back! A baby sea turtle saved for every product sold.


Experience the epitome of lip care with our Soothing & Long-Lasting Lip Therapy. Immerse your lips in a world of certified organic indulgence, where ultimate hydration meets timeless beauty. This lavish lip conditioner is meticulously crafted to keep your lips supple, moisturized, and radiantly appealing.

Enveloped in an ultra-rich blend of certified organic ingredients, including shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil, this creamy concoction becomes your daily companion for flawless lips. Our formulation is a symphony of natural excellence, a nourishing embrace that soothes and protects for a lasting allure.

Crafted with meticulous care, our lip therapy comprises beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, and a harmonious blend of lip-soothing oils. This synergy results in a formula that stands firm, resisting the temptation to melt, even in your pocket. Our innovative compostable eco-tube, holding 0.21 oz of this luscious therapy, is a testament to our commitment to plastic-free, zero-waste elegance.

But our devotion doesn't end there. Each purchase goes beyond personal care – it contributes to the well-being of the planet. For every product sold, a baby sea turtle is rescued, embodying our dedication to giving back.

Indulge in a lip therapy that transcends beauty, extending into a realm of sustainability and compassion. With USDA certification as organic as our promise, our lip therapy brings you the assurance of quality and the joy of eco-conscious indulgence. Join us in caring for your lips, the environment, and the world – one sumptuous application at a time.

The perfect addition to your next girls night or prepping for a big event! Rejuvenate dull, tired skin and brighten your complexion with this pineapple-infused sheet mask. Kiwi, ginger, and pear extracts work together to provide nutrition to your skin and leave it smooth and supple. -Clean Ingredients -Vegan -Organic -Cruelty-Free -Eco-Friendly Made in Korea (South)


Elevate your upcoming girls' night or prepare for that special event with the ultimate skin-care indulgence!

Unveil the radiance of your skin with our invigorating pineapple-infused sheet mask. Let the magic of kiwi, ginger, and pear extracts join forces, infusing your skin with a burst of revitalizing nourishment. As the mask transforms dullness into brilliance, you'll experience a complexion that's smooth, supple, and simply glowing.

Embrace the assurance of clean, cruelty-free ingredients, lovingly curated for your skin's well-being. Our commitment to your skin and the planet is reflected in our vegan, organic formula, ensuring that every application is a moment of both indulgence and ethical consciousness.

Originating from the beauty epicenter of Korea (South), our sheet mask encapsulates the essence of timeless Asian skin-care wisdom. It's more than just a product – it's a revitalizing experience.

For your next girls' night or those grand events that deserve your radiant best, let our pineapple-infused sheet mask become your go-to secret weapon. It's time to celebrate luminous skin that echoes your vibrant spirit – all while embracing the virtues of clean beauty, cruelty-free practices, and environmental responsibility.

Turn your home into an old-fashioned, hearth-baked pizzeria for a night with this foursome of cordierite baking stones. The tiles are safe for both the grill and the oven and can withstand temperatures up to 1450 Degree F (as if your oven could go that high). In addition to personal pizzas, the tiles are fantastic for making French loaves, calzones and more - with ease!


Transport yourself to the charm of an old-fashioned hearth-baked pizzeria right in the comfort of your home with our set of four cordierite baking stones. Elevate your culinary experiences by embracing the versatility of these tiles, designed to bring forth the artisanal essence of traditional cooking methods.

Whether you're using a grill or an oven, our cordierite baking stones prove to be the ideal companions, resilient in the face of scorching temperatures reaching up to a remarkable 1450 degrees Fahrenheit – a testament to their enduring strength. The very temperatures your oven seldom reaches!

Beyond crafting personal pizzas that capture the rustic allure of a pizzeria, these baking stones extend their culinary prowess to an array of delights. Think of crafting French loaves that emanate the aroma of a countryside bakery, or crafting calzones that cradle flavors within delicate layers – all with effortless finesse.

Embrace the art of versatile cooking and savor the pleasures of a time-honored approach. Our cordierite baking stones unlock a world of culinary excellence that's not confined to pizzerias alone. Transport yourself to an era of delectable traditions and elevate your kitchen creations with this foursome of culinary marvels.

The perfect accessory for an evening beach bonfire, camping trip, cabin or rainy afternoon on your porch City Bonfires is a portable bonfire, handmade with nontoxic materials in Maryland by 2 Dads whose jobs were impacted by the pandemic. The portable, compact design makes it easy to take on all your outdoor adventures. Bring your own bonfire wherever you roam. No wood, no embers, no soot! Features: A great portable heat source with no smoke and ashes Safe to roast marshmallows with FDA food grade soy wax Super easy to light and extinguish 3 to 5 hours of burn time Size: 4 in x 2 in tin Handmade OUTDOOR Use ONLY


Introducing the quintessential companion for those memorable moments – whether it's an evening beach bonfire, a camping escapade, a cozy cabin retreat, or a tranquil afternoon on your porch.

Meet City Bonfires – your portable, radiant bonfire, meticulously handcrafted from non-toxic materials in Maryland by two dedicated fathers whose lives were reshaped by the pandemic.

Designed for wanderers and adventurers, the compact, portable nature of City Bonfires allows you to carry the warmth of a bonfire with you, wherever your journey takes you. Leave behind the hassles of wood, embers, and soot, and embrace a hassle-free, modern bonfire experience.

What sets City Bonfires apart?

✓ A portable heat source that creates a warm ambiance without the smoke and ashes ✓ Safely roast marshmallows with FDA food-grade soy wax ✓ Effortlessly lit and extinguished ✓ A remarkable burn time of 3 to 5 hours ✓ Compact size: 4 inches by 2 inches tin ✓ Handmade with love and passion

Kindly note that City Bonfires is designed exclusively for outdoor use, ensuring your safety and enjoyment.

As you seek to enrich your outdoor escapades with warmth and light, make City Bonfires your chosen partner. It's more than just a bonfire – it's a story of resilience, passion, and the joy of shared moments. Welcome the radiance and delight of City Bonfires into your life, and let it illuminate your cherished memories.

Introducing ReviTealize Tea - the perfect herbal blend for travelers seeking a delicious and health-boosting beverage. Packed with anti-inflammatory properties and a rich source of Vitamin C, this tea is designed to keep you feeling energized and refreshed during your travels. Our carefully curated blend of calming herbs helps to promote relaxation and reduce stress, making it the perfect addition to your travel routine. Whether you're on a long-haul flight or exploring a new city, ReviTealize Tea is the ultimate travel companion. Sip on our flavorful and aromatic blend, which includes a combination of natural ingredients such as chamomile, lavender, cinnamon and rose, for a unique and rejuvenating experience. Each sip is a dose of wholesome goodness that is sure to leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed. Experience the ultimate travel indulgence with ReviTealize Tea. Order now and take the first step towards a more relaxed and healthy travel experience!


Introducing a travel essential that goes beyond refreshment – ReviTealize Tea, the perfect herbal infusion meticulously crafted for voyagers in pursuit of both deliciousness and well-being. Immerse yourself in a cup of wellness that rejuvenates and energizes, all while delighting your taste buds.

This tea blend is a treasure trove of benefits, boasting anti-inflammatory properties and a potent dose of Vitamin C to keep you invigorated and revitalized throughout your travels. Embrace a blend that transcends taste, becoming your ally in nurturing your health while you explore the world.

Our curated medley of calming herbs creates a symphony of relaxation, gently easing stress and promoting tranquility. Whether you're soaring through the skies on a long-haul flight or immersing yourself in the sights of a new city, ReviTealize Tea is your steadfast companion, offering a moment of reprieve and serenity.

Dive into the delightful harmony of flavors and aromas, a masterpiece enriched by chamomile's soothing touch, lavender's calming embrace, cinnamon's warm essence, and rose's delicate bloom. Each sip unravels a tapestry of pure goodness, enveloping you in revitalizing wellness.

Elevate your travel experience with ReviTealize Tea, a blend that transcends taste and nourishes your journey from within. By taking this step toward relaxation and health, you're embarking on a voyage of both exploration and self-care. Order now and embrace a travel companion that transforms your journey into a truly enriching experience.