Memories to last millennia

The sun lights the sky for longer, the smell of lilacs is in the air, and the temperature is warm enough to gather outside with friends and family to enjoy the change of the season. After the hustle and bustle of a long day of work or after a fun day on the beach, relaxing around the campfire with your loved ones can be the best way for everyone to decompress.

Memories have been made around campfires for millennia. From cave paintings to riffs on guitars have been created while in the presence of good company. Creating souvenirs that will last a lifetime. Author, Meik Wiking, believes happy memories are key to helping us traverse through all that life throws at us.

Campfires are an amazing way for everyone to gather around, laugh, share stories, and reminisce. They’re also a great way to get creative with cooking. From spider dogs, smores, or for the brave- bread!

Some friendly competition is always sparked at campfires from who can tell the scariest ghost story to who can make the marshmallow perfectly golden.

Since the Stone Age, people gathered around the campfire for not only the social aspect but to listen to the crackle of a lit fire, the dancing of the flames, and the wonderful heat that it provides.

Once the sun begins to set and the stars start to twinkle in the sky, our curiosity starts to shine through. Children start to ask questions about the ethereal look of the sky. They will soon learn from the older folks around the fire that you should make a wish on a shooting star and that the planets are very easy to spot because they do not twinkle in the sky.

Depending on your location of the campfire, maybe a beach or forest, take something home. Like a lovely piece of beach glass or quartz. So whenever you look at it you're flooded with memories of a happy time.

This is also another amazing way to pass down knowledge. Teaching people how to identify certain plants or the woo of an owl. Now, someone will be excited whenever they hear a woo and remember the first time they heard it around a campfire.

The children will remember this and eventually pass down this knowledge to kids of their own one day.

Even if you’re on your own, campfires are still perfect to sit by. They can help lower blood pressure. They create a warm ambiance to settle down and reflect on your day or week. The smell of birch burning can allow your creative juices to flow. Whether you’re journaling, reading, or just sitting with your own thoughts. You’ll remember how relaxed you felt in those few hours spent by a blazing fire.

There is a reason campfires have lasted since the beginning of humankind. They make for the perfect social gathering spot to have fun while also relaxing. A spot to experience bliss either alone or surrounded by your favourite people.