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Wish Bracelet

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Introducing Our Wish Capsule Line: Unveiling the Power of Intentions and Goals

The Wish Capsule line is meticulously crafted to offer a subtle yet impactful daily reminder of the immense value of our goals and wishes. These beautiful capsules can be embraced as wearable jewelry, suitable for both men and women, and serve as a conduit for your intentions, wishes, or goals. With the enclosed paper scrolls, you can breathe life into your aspirations, nurturing them day by day.

Why Choose a Wish Capsule?

  1. A Daily Reminder: By adorning your Wish Capsule, you carry your intention, wish, or goal with you throughout the day. It acts as a constant reminder, encouraging you to stay focused and committed to your aspirations.

  2. A Symbol of Progress: As you achieve milestones and realize your dreams, the Wish Capsule offers the space to inscribe new intentions. This represents your growth and the ever-evolving nature of your ambitions.

  3. Versatile and Meaningful: Beyond your personal goals, the Wish Capsule can also serve as a tangible reminder of your New Year's Resolutions, helping you stay aligned with your annual objectives. It can even be inscribed with a heartfelt message for a loved one, making it a meaningful and thoughtful gift.

How It Works:

Simply write your intention, wish, or goal on one of the paper scrolls provided and place it securely inside the capsule. Wear it closely, and let it be your daily companion in your journey towards achieving your dreams. With three scrolls included, you have the flexibility to adapt to your evolving goals.

At Voda, we believe that your dreams and aspirations are worth cherishing, nurturing, and working towards each day. Embrace the power of intention, and let our Wish Capsules be your trusted companions on your path to success and personal growth.

Discover the possibilities of our Wish Capsule line today and wear your goals with pride. Your aspirations deserve to be celebrated.