Scented Fire Starters

Scented Fire Starters


Voda scented fire starters will burn for up to 30 minutes and are guaranteed to start your fire without the need for kindling or newspaper! 

Enjoy all the hygge of a cozy fire while filling your space indoors or out with our fresh and inviting scents. Made in Canada from a natural custom blend of soy wax, natural scents and wood shavings. Our fire starters are extremely safe and reliable, no harmful chemicals added. Perfect for all your fire needs: campfire, wood stove, fireplace, cooking, emergency, snowmobile, hiking, RV and much more. Compact size makes them easy to pack.


•100% natural

•No harmful chemicals

•Lights even when wet

•Proudly made in Canada

•Satisfaction guaranteed

•No kindling

•No Newspaper

•Burns for up to 30 minutes