Epic Shower Kit

Epic Shower Kit


Our Epic Shower kit will take you through several simple rituals you can easily add into your shower routine to fully benefit from the healing power of water. 


  • Learn how to take a hot and cold shower to heal and restore

  • Try dry brushing to increase circulation

  • Our Blackberry Mojito Shower steamer helps revitalize your respiratory system while waking you up in the morning.

  • Our love and Cconnection Solid Massge lotion is an everyday moisturizer that helps reduce inflammation and soothes sore and tired muscles.


Let the healing powers of water wash over you each morning with a truly epic shower routine. Everything you need to revitalize your body and mind with these simple steps to upgrade your daily routine.


Blackberry Mojito Shower Steamer

Bamboo Shower Steamer Holder

All Natural Loofah

Solid Lotion Bar


Hydrotherapy is the age old practice of using hot and cold water to soothe muscles, invigorate the central nervous system and promote healing by awakening the skin cells. Check out our blog post HERE to learn how you can jumpstart you wellness routine with water.