What is Hygge?!

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

What is Hygge

I learned about the Danish concept of HYGGE (pronounced Hoo - gah) two years ago when looking for a way to survive yet another Atlantic Canadian winter. Since I am not an outdoorsy person, I find winter especially challenging because I was always unprepared for the cold, hated the lack of sunlight and just wanted to curl up in my bed until winter was over. The word HYGGE is from Old Norse and has many meanings including “to give courage, comfort, joy”, “to embrace”, and “hug”. Simply put, HYGGE is enjoying the simple pleasures and deep feelings of coziness and well-being. It embodies the idea of creating an atmosphere of warmth, light, comfort, and connection, along with an awareness and appreciation for the beauty and joy around us.

With applications in all aspects of life, from your home, to your social life to the atmosphere you create, I was able to implement small tips and rituals to have one of my most memorable winters. For the first time, I finally felt like I was starting to get a handle on the stress and anxiety plaguing my life and was starting to create balance. After years of dealing with a toxic and abusive relationship, I was able to bring moments of joy and connection back into my life through self-care rituals based on the concept of Hygge.

Whether alone or together, creating moments of joy and connections is at the very essence of all things hygge.

  • Meeting with friends on a patio for a great meal and even greater conversation is Hygge

  • Having a games night with your family is Hygge

  • Fairy lights on a backyard patio where you enjoy fireside drinks with friends

  • Enjoying a simple cu