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Women's Empowerment Urban Retreat

Wednesday, September 8th, 2021 
8:30 am - 8:00 pm

Learn how to optimize your wellness, gain confidence, practice self-care, and create connections to empower each other’s personal and professional success.

Halifax World Trade & Convention Center and Sutton Place Hotel 

1700 Grafton St, Halifax NS B3J 2C4 

Find your calm. Celebrate your own wild Potential. Be part of something amazing.

We have all experienced periods of exhaustion, irritability, and isolation in life. However, this past year has been more stressful than most and has left many people feeling like they just can’t claw their way out of the depths of their mental and physical exhaustion. Burnout can zap the joy out of your career, friendships, and family interactions.


If you are an entrepreneur having to constantly pivot in the face of the ever changing restrictions, a caregiver, feeling isolated from family and friends, or stressed about the uncertainty of the world today, the Voda Women’s Empowerment Urban Retreat is essential for revival.


Voda’s Women’s Empowerment Urban Retreat is your chance to invest in yourself and replenish your overall well being by learning to make connections, treat burnout, and introduce yourself to easy self-care practices.


Learn to reset, make connections, calm your body and mind, and deal with burn out. In addition to a Voda curated Self-Care Moment, workshops will offer information about breathwork (@everydaybusinesseducator), the mind-gut connection (@bylizshaw), pelvic health (, and burn out (@drashleymargeson). Plus connect with some truly amazing women.


Find your calm. Celebrate your own wild potential. Be part of something amazing. 


Sign up for the Voda’s Women’s Empowerment Urban Retreat today.


$125 Early Bird Rate when purchased before August 23rd, 2021 
$149 Regular ticket price
Add on The Superwoman Supper at 6:30 at Chop for $69

Be sure to book your stay at Sutton Place to get the most out of your experience! Enjoy the last (online) workshop of the day in the comfort of your hotel room and then use your Voda Self-Care Moment (included in your ticket) to relax and renew.

Check out the schedule of events below. 

Schedule of Events

Registration opens at 8:45am

9:00 to 10:00 Collagen Cocktail Hour

10:00 to 11:00 Rise Up, Shine Bright (@riseup.shinebright)

11:00 to 11:30 Hydration Break

  • Water and hydration will be provided.

11:30 to 12:30 Mind-Gut Connection by Liz Shaw (@bylizshaw)

12:30 to 2:30 Hotel Check In and Lunch

  •  You can pre-order your lunch from Harvest using your discount code in your registration. Then take some time to reflect on the morning’s workshops and visit the pop up shops.

2:30 to 3:30 Breathe by Everyday Business Educator (@everydaybusinesseducator)

3:30 to 4:00 Hydration Break

  • Water and hydration will be provided.

4:00 to 5:00 Women’s Burnout by Dr. Ashley Margeson (@drashleymargeson)and Dr Ben Connolly ND (@drbenconnolly)

5:00 to 5:30 Socially-Distanced Connection and Networking

5:30 to 7:00 Break

7:00 Superwoman Supper Add-on (Add this option on to your ticket!)

  • Commune with like minded women! Connect with other Superwomen from the retreat and enjoy a delicious meal at Chop

Online pelvic health workshop by Core Collective ( to be sent out to all participants at the end of day.


Our Partners

Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 8.56.58 AM.png

Liz, (she/her) is a mentor, gut health advocate, a certified mindfulness and breath-work facilitator, and a barre instructor. She thrives in environments that bring community together and that recognize the importance of diversity in the wellness industry. The primary focal point of her work is the intersection of low impact, mindful movement with conscious breathing and eating whole foods. Liz believes in a holistic approach to healing the body from the inside out.⁠

Join Liz Shaw for an educational session as she highlights the connection between the mind and the gut. She provides tips on how to honour your body through movement, breath-work, and stimulating the vagus nerve - a vital connection between the two organs. Everyone is encouraged to join as this session can support anyone looking to improve their daily living. It is not limited to those with gut health issues.⁠

Mandy Crew, (she/her) is a Mentor, Guide, and Coach that advocates for the empowerment and self actualization of others and communities at large. A two-part grounded one-part fiery heart-led human, with a voracious appetite for mindfully sharing safe and authentic spaces that encourage people to loosen their grasp on being all the things to all the people. ⁠

She is here to make ripples, share empathetic spaces, and is motivated to be compassionately curious in reflecting on the things we all believe about our Selves, and at large. Mandy is motivated to guide people as they forge their unique path, to support people as they unbecome everything they were told or taught they needed to be, so that they can actually be who they truly are. ⁠

Using science backed methodologies and drawing from her varying fields of higher education and experience, Mandy supports those she works with in truly embodying themselves and a life of deep inner fulfillment.⁠


Meagan Cole is your hype girl and the founder of Rise Up Shine Bright Apparel, Events and Mindset Mentorship. ⁠

She began her own self development journey after struggling with confidence, fear and self doubt for years while building another business. This journey evolved into a full on passion for self growth as she experienced the benefits of it first handed. Meagan knew she had to share what she was learning with other women just like herself and that’s how Rise Up Shine Bright was born. ⁠

This dimensional business helps women step into the version of themselves they were meant to be. Whether it’s embodying the message on a sweatshirt, attending a self development event or workshop or being mentored by Meagan, her purpose is to show women how to push fear and self doubt aside and take action on the life they day dream about. 

Natasha wasn’t always a pelvic health advocate. A couple years ago you would have found her standing in a recovery room, after delivering her newborn, experiencing complete incontinence - feeling unheard, unseen and alone. Today, she’s proud to have created The Core Collective Collaborative Wellness Community to help support you throughout your journey.⁠

The Core Collective Membership Community is an online Pelvic Hub offering resources + tools to help you lead your pelvic health journey with confidence. It is a safe multidisciplinary space focused on a wholehearted approach to pelvic health. The community is for ALL individuals who have uteruses + ovaries + vaginas + vulvas. All those of the 2SLGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities, disabled women and other historically marginalized groups.⁠

She is a seasoned Registered Massage Therapist of 16 years, a Breath-work + Mindfulness Meditation Instructor, founder of The Core Collective Collaborative Wellness Community + a Pelvic Health Advocate. ⁠


Dr. Ashley Margeson is a Naturopathic Doctor who is obsessed with hormones and the role they play in our lives. She and her partner Ben are the brains behind Cornerstone Naturopathic Inc - a Halifax, NS clinic focused on Burnout Recovery and Prevention. Together, they are the founders of Burnout Blueprint, an online course to help busy people recover and prevent burnout. ⁠

Dr. Ashley is the host of The Superwoman Code; a weekly podcast educating busy women about how to make their health work for them, not against them. She has been featured on Thrive Global, The Strategist, Bustle, and Cosmopolitan Magazine, and is a regular contributor to Global and CTV Morning Live. ⁠

Her work can be found online at and you can listen to The Superwoman Code on your favourite podcast platform every Tuesday. ⁠

Meet the Speakers!

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