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Create your own Voda Experience

Let us help you create beautiful moments of Joy and Connection


Are you not quite finding the experience you have in mind?

Create your own Voda Curated Experience perfectly designed for your next special occasion!


Perfect for: Staycations, Girls Night, Self-care Days, Birthday gift, Graduation, Corporate Gifts, Romantic Weekends, Mothers/Fathers Day, Christmas Gifts, Bachelorette/bachelor parties, wedding party gifts, kids parties, PD days and much, much more!

We are always bringing in new, unique, sustainable and locally-sourced products to help you create beautiful moments of connections with yourself and others. In addition, we prioritize female owned and operated businesses.


Looking to get started to help you create the perfect experience for any occasion?

Check out some of the options below and email Rebekah at to get started. We can work within your budget.


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