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With the fall leaves turning and the mornings cooling down, my brain shifts towards how much I don’t want to get out of bed. I just want to cozy up, not move, and hibernate until winter passes. Not being a hibernating bear, with the requirement to take care of a few little people and a husband (as well as a job), I guess I have to actually get up and go about my day. 


See, the reason we don’t want to get out of bed in the winter, and the reason depression can rear its ugly head, is the change in light throughout the day. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real phenomenon, and there is a relatively easy way to combat it. 


Much of the research on Seasonal Affective Disorder over the last number of years has centred around the affect of both Vitamin D and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Although we see a clear link between low blood levels of Vitamin D and an increased risk of experiencing SAD we do not yet know if supplementing with Vitamin D actually helps to decrease the symptoms of SAD. 


What we do know, is that there is an area of your brain (your hypothalamus) that controls something known as your Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR). This response is associated with an increase in energy levels and motivation and it relates to only one thing. That thing? Light. 


This now what the research on Seasonal Affective Disorder focuses on… the effect of light on your mood. 


My recommendations? Start by opening up your blinds and wake up to the natural light. Use a “wake up” alarm clock to mimic sunrise. Make a coffee, or a cup of warm tea, and put your snow boots and jacket on over your pjs and stand on your back deck for a couple minutes. Get outside in the middle of the day and get that light to your hypothalamus to stimulate your CAR. 


On top of that, focus on making sure you’ve got nutrients supporting your brain. Concentrate on adding a fat to every meal, and don’t toss that fish away! Support your brain with warm water, and focus on making sure that your veggies are warm. Hello roasted veg! 


Then yes, hibernate. Curl up with a book. Curl up with a cup of soup as an evening snack. Focus on slow, strength based movement. Curl up.


Dr. Ashley Margeson is a Naturopathic Doctor and host of The Superwoman Code, who truly believes that your hormones should work for you, not against you. She is a straight shooter and research nerd who knows that there is a way to live an optimal health without burning out. She delivers this information on the podcast, and then makes it unique to you in her office. A multiple award winner She believes that every one of us has a superpower that makes this world better, and she loves seeing women live their purpose and follow their passions. 


You can follow Dr. Ash online on instagram at @drashleymargeson


Cavicchi’s Meats is owned and operated by Grant and Bev Cavicchi and was established fairly recently—when the family’s basement was turned into a provincially inspected and licensed plant in 2008. Grant has created unique and time-tested products by drawing on his experiences in the meat cutting industry, retail grocers, and alongside mentor meat cutters from Italy and Hungary. Like yours, our family has a rich history full of strong values, unique stories and treasured traditions. Each generation passed down methods and recipes that would go on to be used in our first sausages. With a stroke of good luck, a lot of hard work, and more than 35 years of experience, our local family business was born! The continued and significant following for Grant’s sausages and other products is surely what has facilitated our success. Cavicchi’s Meats is a proud local business built upon a strong foundation of family values. Our no-nonsense sausage recipes helped us to flourish into the amazing business you see today.

Not just meat anymore the store is now accompanied by our full-service restaurant, sure to satisfy any craving! We aim to provide quality meals inspired by family traditions, with a contemporary twist. Come enjoy local food and drink in the dining room or on one of our patios!

Look for Cavicchi’s Meat products in your local Sobeys or try out their newly minted online shopping experience.

Driven by a passion for art, we opened Red Wagon Art Studio in 2019 as your source for carefully selected, professional quality art supplies. While not everyone is a professional artist, we do believe that all people are creative and that art is a powerful form of self-expression and we want to provide you with the tools you need to create. We also offer art classes, workshops and birthday parties. Red Wagon Art Studio is a creative space for everyone!


Lyndsay is an artist, living in St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia with her husband and their brood of busy kiddos. She works and creates from her home studio. Her paintings have an impressionist style, and she also loves illustration, calligraphy + surface design.


Lyndsay grew up on Cape Breton Island - having both the magic & mystery of the forest and the open ocean all around - endless inspiration. She is often entranced by the shape of a tree or the color in the sky and am particularly fond of the moss growing on rocks.


Having wanted to be an artist for as long as she could remember, Lyndsay loves the idea that anything is possible and making art is an expression of this for her that she can share with you.


MaskerAide knows how to bring on the fun and add a little bit of fabulous into any lifestyle. MaskerAide strives to be innovative and playful, yet still super serious when it comes to taking care of your skin. Skin is the largest organ in the body, and it deserves lots of love and care!

Fun focused, skin serious:

Focus on the fun. After all, that’s what life should be about, right? Life shouldn’t be so serious, but skincare should. Bright colours and expressions may cover our packaging, but our skincare game is as serious as it gets. Developing products with effectiveness is at the top of our priority list - and always will be. So have a little fun knowing we are working hard so that you can take care of your skin and love every minute of it! 

Don't cover it, care for it:

Whether you are going full-on-glam or au-naturel, we believe skin care should always come first. Taking care of your skin is an important part of your daily routine, and we want to be a part of it. At MaskerAide we believe beauty standards are flawed, not you! That’s why our products aim to nourish and care for your skin, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident.

Behind the brand:

Designed in Canada and made in Korea, we strive to create quality-made, safe and innovative products - never tested on animals. The multicultural and diverse space of Canada and the ever-evolving K-Beauty trends from South Korea are the inspirations behind each MaskerAide product.

Honey and Lime Candle Co. makes beautifully scented candles. Their mission is simple, create products you love, with "scents that soothe your senses".


Honey and Lime Candle Co. is proudly, black female owned by Gill. Her signature candle scents, are a unique blend of fragrances, inspired by the two places she is fortunate to call home, the beautiful island of Jamaica and the breathtaking coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Each candle collection is handcrafted with a little island charm combined with some fun east coast vibes. When you think of all the comforts of home, think Honey and Lime Candle Co.

The Holiday Candle Collection and Luxe Duo Candles make the perfect gift this Holiday season! Shop these and other candle scents conveniently on their website and have your candles delivered.

Honey and Lime Candle Co. Holiday Candle
Check out Honey and Lime's Instagram and website to learn more

EarthProof pure protein powders are sustainable and insanely nutritious! Our blue-green microalgae is a strain of spirulina and is one of the oldest foods on the planet!

  • Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free and All Natural

  • One of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet

  • 63% Protein

  • High in Vitamin A, B's, B12 and Iron

Everyone needs protein in their diet, but the way we’re currently producing it is hurting our environment. The meat industry is one of the unsustainable industries on the planet; it depletes water, sucks up fossil fuels, obliterates rain forests and is in general a big environmental dumpster fire. Livestock rearing isn't just wasteful; methane gas produced by cow flatulence accounts for a whopping 23% of all climate change-causing greenhouse gases.

Stinks, huh?

Thinking about this made us sad. Then it made us want to do something positive. So we started with a simple question: why can't we have a healthy protein AND a healthy planet? And it turns out, we already have the answer — earth proof protein sources that aren't just abundant, but also sustainable and nutritious.

Complete proteins like insects, freshwater lentil and algae have been part of our diet since prehistory. If we could swap out just a portion of the meat we currently eat with these awesome proteins, we could tackle malnutrition and the world's protein shortage, reduce waste, stop deforestation and slow climate change!

So that sounds pretty awesome, but guess what's even better? 

Earth Proof proteins are SUPER HEALTHY! We're talking low calorie, low carb, bioavailable proteins that are easy for our bodies to digest, filling and full of a complete set of essential nutrients and all the building blocks a body needs. 


Go for pure blue-green algae(spirulina) powder to pack good-for-the-earth protein into your baking recipes or smoothies!

O2’s Hybrid Training gives clients customized coaching, encompassing 3 wellness pillars to reach their health and fitness goals.

1. Nutrition - Your coach will provide you with a customized meal plan catered to your specific goals, taking into account your current nutrition program/experience and builds this program to teach you the basics and fundamentals of healthy eating that will empower you to understand the key components needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, permanently.  


2. Fitness - Your coach provides you customized and specific fitness planning, letting you exactly what you need to do each week and how to track these workouts through our app, so that adjustments can be made throughout your program to keep you working towards and achieving your goals.


3. Accountability - Let’s face it, you could find any number of workouts/nutrition plans anywhere on the internet at any time, but it lacks one thing… the accountability.  Your coach will schedule biweekly check-ins with you to monitor your progress through our In-Body Scan Technology, which gives a specific read out of fat loss, muscle gain and overall progress towards your specific goals.   There are 3 check points weekly with your coach, where they will monitor the tracking of your workouts/nutrition, provide feedback/motivation and ensure that you have someone that is going to be your biggest advocate to reach the goals you stated at the beginning of your program.   Almost any program always falls short as it lacks the ongoing support of that motivator in your corner that is going to ensure you accomplish the goals that you have aspired to attain at the beginning of the program.


At O2 your membership offers you:


  • 24 hour, fully staffed facility.

  • High tech cardio trainers and state of the art equipment including the ultra safe Hoist Rocket Machines & Our Queenax, king for all functional workout routines.

  • Healthy lifestyle & Nutrition coaching, fresh meals to go, and healthy protein smoothies made on site!

  • Complimentary Towel Service.

  • Complimentary child minding for your children in a multi-sensory environment.

  • Public club wifi for all members.

  • Hot showers & saunas

  • Extensive group class schedule featuring spin, pilates, yoga, burn, primals, barre, and many other popular fitness classes

  • Complimentary consultation service once a month with one of our personal trainers.

  • The O2 Guarantee! (Non-stop motivation, surrounded by inspired staff members that will ensure you have the tools to be successful on your wellness journey.)

Sunny Side Mall, Bedford Nova Scotia
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